STIMESI-2 : Stimulation action on MEMS and SiP  

"...The goal of the STIMESI Stimulation Action is to stimulate European universities and research institutes to adopt MEMS technologies in different ways...  "



Access to low cost MEMS MPW-technologies for prototyping or education purpose

  • Brings MEMS design and manufacturing capability within the technical and financial reach of any academic researcher that wishes to use MEMS.
  • The project is running in close cooperation with Europractice-IC in order to provide accessible routes to fabrication using industrially-proven processes. Currently the MEMSOI and MUMPs processes are offered through Europractice-IC. Contact Eurporactice-IC for access info. A wide range of cost-effective design tools from leading vendors is offered through the Eurporactice Software Service which is managed by STFC.



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